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Born in 1960s Long Island, “Scott Binsack” was born into an average, typical middle class family, but his life would prove to be anything but typical. Subjected to painfully cruel abuse from a very young age, Scott found himself struggling to survive. Life was tumultuous not only at home, but at school too. He attended nine schools in just as many years, ultimately dropping out before completing the 8th grade. He went on to endure childhood homelessness, grappling to find a place in the world, while struggling to work through the flood of emotions that arose from his difficult childhood.

NewsCoverAt the young age of 17, Scott joined forces with New York City’s Bonanno crime family, turning to the mob for a sense of purpose, family and protection. He would ultimately stand up to the mob, in a move that few would attempt, ultimately leaving the fold amidst an era that would come to be known as the “mob wars.”

Scott ultimately found his place in the world as an entrepreneur and visionary, launching his first company at the young age of 18 and earning his first million by age 24 as one of the top residential home builders in The Hamptons. Scott went on to endure a highly-publicized and rather spectacular fall from grace, suffering severe consequences that threatened to destroy everything — including his spirit.

Life was complicated further by a 1999 accident that brought Scott to the brink of death. This event was just one in a series of dramatic, life-changing events that would shape him into the man he is today. Scott was then falsely arrested and jailed in a small and very corrupt Pennsylvania town. It marked his first-ever arrest and it was all thanks to the work of a rogue prosecutor who’d  unjustly arrested Scott on fabricated white collar misdemeanor charges stemming from a defunct building and development corporation.

Thomas DiFiore, aka
Thomas DiFiore, aka “Tommy D”

The FBI then used his mob associations as leverage, all an attempt to coerce him to testify against the man who’s currently the head of the Bonanno family, Tommy DiFiore, aka “Tommy Di”. (Although the prosecutor-turned-judge in the case, Mark Pazuhanich, would ultimately meet a downfall of his own, after it was revealed that he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol at the time when he prosecuted Scott’s case. He’s now on Megan’s list for life after he pled “no contest” to molesting his daughter.)


Scott’s refusal to testify set off a chain reaction of events that would consume his life for nearly 15 years. Shortly thereafter, Scott and his family were shuffled into an undisclosed location where they remained under the protection of the FBI. But not even the FBI could protect him from what would unfold.

scott arrestSick of living a life in hiding amidst an environment of extensive corruption, Scott went on the lam, traveling to South America, the West Indies and the Caribbean. For nearly three years, he evaded U.S. Marshals. But his downfall came when he returned to the U.S. in 2001, traveling to Atlanta to meet with a top attorney. He was apprehended and subsequently returned to Pennsylvania to address the outstanding charges. Incensed, Scott fired his attorney and set out on a mission to clear his name and reveal the corruption that had so profoundly impacted his life. Ultimately, the information he uncovered led to multiple officials being removed from their positions, including a police chief, a court clerk, a prison warden and a court judge, who was removed from the bench following claims of abuse of power.

By 2004, the ordeal was over — or so it seemed. He was released from prison and he was successfully fighting his appeal. He moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania and established what would become yet another multi-million dollar corporation, Mansions & Estates International. It was Scott’s attempt to reclaim his life and to prove that he was nothing like the dishonest individual that had been depicted by the prosecutors and the media. (In fact, one rogue reporter had used Scott’s case to elevate his own career, sensationalizing every aspect of the case and committing libel in an attempt to make a name for himself.)

A few years later, things would slide downhill fast when he started going public about his experiences on his top-rated radio show. apprehendedThis caught the attention of all the wrong people and by 2007, Scott learned that he was being set-up by a local district attorney, Andrew Jarbola III. At this point, there was just 4 months left in his parole. That’s when he was arrested on charges that were ultimately tossed out. More recently, one of the corrupt judges who heard Scott’s case was sentenced to 28 years in prison after allegedly sending youths to juvenile detention in exchange for bribes.

And again, Scott emerged from the turmoil and found, much to his delight, that life was relatively quiet when he moved to a small town in Pennsylvania called Shamokin. But what he didn’t realize was that this region was one of the most corrupt in the nation, both on a local and state level. Scott set out to reveal the corruption and the truth to the public with his “Something’s Smokin’ in Shamokin” series of Youtube videos.

But as he’d done many times before, Scott refused to accept defeat, once again rising to not only survive, but thrive, crawling back from the ashes and rising to become better, stronger and wiser…all the while, staying real.

StayingRealCover-NEWStaying Real is a shocking story of triumph over adversity, while maintaining a sense of hope and authenticity that’s extremely rare in today’s world. Scott Binsack’s childhood was one filled with fear, trauma, instability and profoundly shocking abuse; while his adulthood was punctuated by a series of battles against corruption and lies. But this 8th grade drop-out would not be deterred by homelessness, loss, corruption, persecution or solitude. Staying Real chronicles his story, as he fell from grace, fought against corruption and crawled out of the ashes and ultimately ascended above life’s challenges to prosper and thrive, finding himself and gaining valuable insight along the way.

He now takes these life lessons and shares his insights with others through his show, Sunday Night With Scott Binsack. A founder of four multi-million dollar companies, Scott also went on to establish a new business, The Rain Maker, which is designed to provide others with the coaching, consulting, services and resources they need to succeed and overcome obstacles.

The entire shocking Staying Real story will soon be revealed in a full-length book and a series of videography chapters, which will include relevant evidence and documentation to reveal the truth, once and for all. Stay tuned for all of the dramatic details, which will soon be revealed right here on www.ScottBinsackStayingReal.com.

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UPDATE: Bonanno Crime Family Mobster Heads to Trial; Link to ‘Goodfellas’ Lufthansa Heist

The 1978 Lufthansa heist was immortalized in the iconic film ‘Goodfellas,’ but real life drama started to unfold in a courtroom as a trial got underway for aging Bonanno crime family mobster Vincent Asaro.

As proceedings got underway on Monday, October 19, 2015, prosecutors revisited the Lufthansa heist, garnering worldwide attention.

Notably, Scott Binsack grew up in New York City amongst the Bonanno crime family and his experiences will be recounted in his soon-to-be-released book, Staying Real.

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